101 Dalmatians

Touring August - September 2014      


101 DalmatiansBaroque Theatre Company Presents "The Hundred and One Dalmatians"

By Dodie Smith, Adapted by Glyn Robbins

Presented by Arrangement with Film Rights Ltd

Sponsored by Clarian Ltd

Directed by Adam Morley

Produced by Claire Bibby 



This well -loved children's classic is perfect entertainment for all the family! Pongo, a Dalmatian dog, and his Missis are expecting their first litter. They become jittery when obsessive fur collector Cruella de Vil arrives. When Missis produces fifteen puppies, Cruella is enraptured and has the Badduns kidnap the litter. Distraught, Pongo and Missis enlist support of the Twilight Barking and encounter many exciting adventures before rescuing their own pups — and a great many more! A heartening story, with courage and love triumphing over evil.

Suggested age: 5+





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